AD Weeks 2024 Closing Webinar: the experiences of the National Coordinators!

June 5, 2024

Final Insights and Campaign Highlights

Date: 19 June at 14.00-15.30

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The ALL DIGITAL Weeks awareness-raising campaign ended on 31 May, marking another successful year of promoting digital education and inclusion across Europe. This year, we proudly reached more than 50.000 people across Europe.

With the invaluable support of our national coordinators, the campaign was effectively sustained and promoted throughout Europe. These coordinators, who are current members of ALL DIGITAL, played a crucial role in connecting with local organizations dedicated to enhancing digital skills in their respective countries. They ensured the campaign’s visibility, managed local partnerships, and monitored performance at the national level.

Embracing the campaign’s motto, “Enhance Your Digital Skills,” our national coordinators organized and promoted a variety of events, conferences, courses, and training sessions that equipped diverse population groups with essential digital skills and education. These initiatives aimed to boost digital knowledge and skills in the eight core areas covered by our themes.

The national coordinators organised and promoted events, conferences, courses and training aimed at increasing digital knowledge and skills of their participants in the areas covered by the 8 core themes:

  • Digital Skills for employment, entrepreneurship and innovation (reskilling and up-skilling for all from basic to advanced skills)
  • Digital Skills in “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’’ – from basic to advanced (migration, democratisation, gender gap, ethnicity
  • DigComp, DigCompEdu and Digital Skills Certifications
    (MyDigiSkills, European Digital Skills Certificate, DigComp Hub)
  • Digital media literacy and disinformation
  • Cybersecurity and safer internet
  • Digital Skills for Environment and Sustainability
    (reference to Twin Transition, GreenComp, SDGs)
  • Digital Skills for specific sectors
    (education, cultural and creative industries, transportation, health…).
  • The application of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in education and training

We invite you to hear the inspiring stories from our national coordinators and discover the significant impact the campaign had across Europe. Join us in celebrating the achievements of the ALL DIGITAL Weeks campaign and continue to support our mission of empowering all individuals through digital education and inclusion.


14.00-14.05 – Opening remarks

Marianna Marcucci, Vice-Chair of ALL DIGITAL

14.05-14.10 – Recap of the campaign

Peter Palvolgyi, ALL DIGITAL CEO

14.10-14.20– Cybersecurity, digital skills for employment and AI,

Rosa Mendez Calvo, Somos Digital and Gema Parrado, AUPEX, Spanish local ambassador

14.20-14.25 – Community engagement and the training re: social media impact on Local Government elections

Lianne Cassar, Local Council’s Association, Malta

14.25-14.30 – ADWeeks experience in Malta

Loranne Avsar, eSkills Malta

14.30-14.35 – How to engage partners and organize over 250 events and 6 thematic days in one Digital week in Latvia,

Mara Jakobsone, LIKTA, Latvia

14.35-14.45 – DigComp, DigCompEdu and Digital Skills Certifications, Digital Skills for Environment and Sustainability and the application of AI (Artificial Intelligence). ICT standardisation: an accelerator of open innovation,

Fulvio Ananasso, Stati Generali dell’Innovazione, and Valentina Sapuppo, Uninfo expert, Italian local ambassador

14.45-14.55 – Disinformation: a fight through education programs; Skills in education and cultural and creative industries; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion EDI and access to digital skills

José Gabriel Andrade, Knowledge House of the University of Minho, and José Ismael Graça – Knowledge House of Vila Verde, the Portuguese local ambassador

14.55-15.05 – Cybersecurity; Digital Skills – from basic to advanced; Safer internet and AI in education.

Violeta Čiuplytė Bogdanovič – Association “Langas į ateitį” (LIA), and Lithuanian local ambassador, Aistė Bartulė, Communications Specialist, Kaunas District Municipal Public Library.

15.05-15.15 – The Czech experience (training event series for teachers)

Zuzana Krejcova, EPMA, project manager, A3Learning project, and Jiří Vojtěch, marketing manager, European Digital Innovation Hub Northern and Eastern Bohemia, Czech Local Ambassador

15.15-15.30 – Q&A and Closing remarks

Iva Walterova, ALL DIGITAL Weeks Board Committee Chair

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ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2024 will run over 3 weeks from 13 May until 31 May 2024. The campaign will be endorsed by the European Commission, involve international and national partners, and participating organisations in different European countries. 





13 May to 31 May 2024

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