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The Campaign

ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2023 Campaign
Enhance your digital Skills / European Year of Skills
17 April – 7 May 2023

The History of the campaign

The ALL DIGITAL Weeks campaign is one of the major pan-European awareness raising campaigns on digital skills for inclusion, empowerment and employment. It is organised by ALL DIGITAL Network, and it has been running since 2010. Since then, the campaign has helped almost 1.5 million people to get online for the first time or enhance their digital skills.

The awareness raising campaign is run at digital competence centres, libraries, community centres, schools and other venues across Europe. Every year it helps more than 50,000 Europeans from 20+ European countries to learn and be inspired by what technology can do for them, focusing on the opportunities given by digital transformation and its effects.

The campaign is co-funded by the European Commission (1).

The ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2023

ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2023 will run over 3 weeks from 17 April until 7 May 2023. The campaign will be supported by the European Commission, involve international and national partners, and participating organisations in different European countries.

ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2023 will strongly contribute to the promotion of the European Year of Skills, promoted by the European Commission, and its actions will be underpinned under the motto ’’Enhance your digital skills’’ which is a call to action for all European citizens and every individual living in Europe to learn new skills, both basic and advanced, to be able to face digital transformation with confidence. Through the organisation of specific online and offline events and training supporting all population groups in the digital transformation, the campaign aims at showing the need of empowering all European citizens with the digital tools and skills they need in their studies, job, and for social inclusion.

The campaign will also support the implementation of specific actions of the Digital Education Action Plan 2021-27 of the European Commission, with the main objective of enhancing digital skills and competences for the digital transformation. Many EU projects where ALL DIGITAL is involved will be presented during the campaign period to increase their visibility across Europe.


The objectives of this awareness raising campaign are:
1) to maximise the impact and visibility of participant organisations’ events on digital skills, training and education;
2) create dialogue among policymakers, stakeholders and experts on digital education;
3) foster the dissemination of EU projects and activities focused on enhancing digital skills and competences for the digital transformation.

Core Themes

The three weeks of the campaign will focus on the following specific core themes under which all the training and events will be organised at international and national level across Europe:

  • Digital Skills for “Equity, Diversity and Inclusion’’ – from basic to advanced
    • Sub themes: Digital skills for life, employment, and reskilling for all
    • Sub themes: migration, democratisation, gender gap, ethnicity
  • DigComp and Digital Skills Certifications
    (MyDigiSkills, European Digital Skills Certificate, DigComp Hub)
  • Digital media literacy and culture
  • Cybersecurity and safer internet
  • Digital Skills for Environment and Sustainability
    (reference to Twin Transition, GreenComp, SDGs)
  • Digital Skills for specific sectors
    (libraries, cultural and creative industries, transportation, health…).

National coordinators

The campaign will be sustained and promoted with the support of selected national coordinators across Europe. The national coordinators are ALL DIGITAL present or future members that will liaise with organisations involved in digital skills, will promote the campaign across their networks, and monitor the performances at national level.

They will have the role of fostering the visibility of the ALL DIGITAL Weeks in their country, and support and coordinate the local partners in the organisation of local events, training and courses which provide different population groups with digital skills and education.

Strategic Partners

We invite national networks, umbrella organisations, or those with capacity to have a big regional or national reach to join as partners of the campaign. We ask them to support us in promoting the campaign and planned activities to their network and raise awareness on digital education issues tackled by the campaign in their country. We invite them to organise an international event in English and have it featured in the ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2023 agenda as well to encourage local organisations to add their events on the map.

 We will welcome articles/blogs about the campaign with an overview of what has happened in the country, highlighting best/most interesting events. Interesting news will be published on ALL DIGITAL Weeks website and promoted through ALL DIGITAL’s social media accounts.

Local Partners

We invite digital competence centres, VET providers, lifelong learning organisations, youth organisations, schools, libraries, social enterprises and anyone else interested, to get involved by organising relevant events within ALL DIGITAL Weeks.

More information on how to put their events on the map will be soon available!

Actions – Activities

International Launch event

An international launch event of the campaign will be organised in Brussels on the week of 17th of April 2023 and will involve high level speakers from the European Institutions, industry, academia, and other digital education stakeholders.

 Other Events

The visibility of all the other registered international and national events will be also promoted in different ways and through different channels:

  • International events in English events will be listed on the ALL DIGITAL Weeks Agenda on the campaign website.
  • International, national and local events and training focusing on the specific campaign’s thematic areas will be visible and clickable on the map available on the campaign website (operational by the end of February):
  • All participating organisations will be able to join and amplify the campaign outreach on social media channels, using specifically designed content.
  • Blogs and news about selected events and trainings will be promoted through the News section of the ALL DIGITAL website.

 EU projects events led by ALL DIGITAL 

ALL DIGITAL is carrying out and implementing many European funded projects covering topics related to digital education and digital skills. The campaign is an opportunity to showcase the impact these projects have in enhancing teachers, students, employees, elderly people, migrants, and all groups impacted by the digital transformation.

During the campaign, the following project events will be organised with the support of our partners and the involvement of civil society, industry and stakeholders.

Closing Event

An online event involving national coordinators explaining their experience and their impact at national-regional-local level will be organised during the 3rd week of the campaign. The membership will be mobilised to show the relevance of their work and the impact as a network at grassroots level.


Funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor the granting authority can be held responsible for them.

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