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Anyone can JOIN the campaign by

  • organising an online/offline event, training, workshop or relevant activity focusing on digital skills, taking place during 13 May – 31 May 2024
  • putting it on the map
  • promoting the campaign and value of digital skills, sharing their stories, photos and videos through their social media channels and website using the hashtags #ADWeeks2024 #AllDigitalWeeks

Get involved

National Coordinators in 2024

The National Coordinator tasks will be to:
• promote the ALL DIGITAL Weeks campaign online and offline;
• liaise with relevant policymakers, stakeholders, partners;
• organise an online info session on the AD Weeks campaign;
• report on the campaign impact, outreach and performed activities.

The National Coordinator will:
• have an active role as the national point of contact for the campaign in their country;
• increase the visibility of their organisation through Social media exposure and featuring in
the ALL DIGITAL Weeks website (article/report/event);
• have their event featured on the ALL DIGITAL Weeks calendar;
• have the possibility to win the ALL DIGITAL Awards created in the context of the campaign.

Strategic Partners in 2024

We invite European civil society organisations, umbrella organisations, or those with capacity to have a big regional or national reach to join as partners of the campaign.

  • Promote the campaign and planned activities to your network and raise awareness on the issues tackled by the campaign.
  • Organise an international event in English and have it featured in the ALL DIGITAL Weeks agenda
  • Encourage local organisations to add their events on the map
  • Tell us about your activities! Write a blog about the campaign with an overview of what has happened in across your network, highlighting best/most interesting events and/or activities. Interesting news will be published here on our website and promoted through ALL DIGITAL’s social media accounts.
Local Partners

We invite digital competence centres, VET providers, lifelong learning organisations, youth organisations, schools, libraries, social enterprises and anyone else interested, to get involved by organising relevant events within All Digital Weeks .

What event could it be?  Anything on the topic of the campaign from consultations, workshops, testing digital skills levels, to training courses, hackathons, and conferences. See some examples of activities HERE.


Browse through the events available in your country and join one of them!

If no training is available in your city/town, you can still use some of the available tools and resources to assess you current skills or gain new ones.

Support the campaign by spreading the word about it offline and on social media with the hashtag #ADWeeks2024


Should you wish to become a sponsor of the All Digital Weeks campaign, you can do so in a number of ways. You could support national networks in the country/countries, in which you operate, by helping with local promotion or PR, through direct sponsorship, or you could support the campaign centrally.

Info Box

ALL DIGITAL Weeks 2024 will run over 3 weeks from 13 May until 31 May 2024. The campaign will be endorsed by the European Commission, involve international and national partners, and participating organisations in different European countries. 





13 May to 31 May 2024

Events map active from March 2024

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To add events on the map you must be registered on the ALL DIGITAL Weeks website. If you are already registered you must log in first.

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  • You can submit as many events you need 

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